Proven Leadership

Robert & Janie Mazurek – Chairman & Founders, Impress® Skincare

Robert and Janie Mazurek, creators, owners and operators of Rx Skin Clinic, in Scottsdale, Arizona, have seen many different skincare lines, products and promises in their 25+ year history. Innovation and recognizable results have always been at the core of Rx Skin Clinic’s approach to skincare. The Mazureks are licensed experts in high technology- based skincare services including laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments.


Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, home of the world’s most demanding skincare consumers due to its demanding desert climate, Robert & Janie launched Impress® Skincare in 2007 where they formulated an exact combination of the most proven results-driven ingredients to target skin concerns specific to exfoliation, firming, tightening, smoothing and the replenishment of healthy skin cells and incorporated it into a one minute, one-facial-pad per day system.

impress-buildingRx Skin Clinic state of the art facility in Scottsdale, Arizona.Because of the keen focus Impress® Skincare places on technology and trends, today the Impress® Skincare Facial Pad System is considered one of the world’s most simple daily skincare process. Infusing each step with soothing desert botanicals to increase hydration, protection and nourishment to key active ingredients.

Their clientele has been an impactful force for innovation and to their delight, now thousands of customers throughout the United States are enjoying the benefits of the Impress® Skincare Line of products highlighted by the Impress® Anti-aging Facial Pad Program.

After most of Rx Skin Clinics’ clients began using this simple system, the next step was to introduce the world to the most innovative approach to easy, affordable skincare results. Three unique formulas. One pad per day. It’s genius!

Chris Domhoff – Co Founder & President, Impress Direct

Before being introduced and uniting with Robert & Janie Mazurek, Mr. Domhoff was the architect and co-founder of one of the fastest growing companies in network marketing history. After experiencing first-hand what relationship marketing could accomplish for people from all walks of life in his tenure as Vice President of Excel Communications, Mr. Domhoff would become the first person in the United States to successfully architect a company that combined Residential Electricity and Gas sales with Network/Relationship marketing which quickly became one of the fastest growing businesses in history. In a twist of fate, Mr. Domhoff was introduced to Impress® Skincare by his wife of 25 years, Esther, and eventually Robert and Janie Mazurek. Mr. Domhoff was so impressed with what Robert and Janie had created with the Impress® Anti-aging Facial Pad Program, he has referred to them as “industry game changers” and “a market differentiator”. Ultimately, Mr. Domhoff recommended a network marketing approach so people all over the world can benefit from this incredible product line and also benefit from the ability to build a personal business through Impress Direct™, the network marketing arm for Impress® Skincare.


Before Mr. Domhoff’s successful foray into the Network Marketing Industry, Chris served as Director of Corporate Sales for the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs. In this function, he oversaw a department responsible for corporate sponsorships, broadcast advertising and game operations.

While in San Antonio, Domhoff was awarded the prestigious 705th Point of Light award for community service by George H. W. Bush because of his work with “at risk youth”. Mr. Domhoff currently resides in Dallas, Texas with his wife of 25 years and their son Gage.