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RX Skin Clinic is a medical skin care clinic based in Scottsdale for over 25 years. For years our clients have expressed one common complaint. They were confused about what products they really need to place on their skin to achieve real results. This frustration is further elevated because skin care companies expect them to apply multiple products morning & night. Such routines require a lot of time in front of the mirror. Applying many products also translates into big expense. So, what works? Do I really need to apply so many products? Do I have to spend hundreds of dollars on my skin every month and repeat this rigorous daily ritual in front of my mirror?

We decided to find the answers with a unique approach. We looked to clinical science rather than celebrity and paid for medical doctor’s endorsements. The evidence was overwhelming that there are three critical agents necessary to the process of anti-aging the skin that firm, lift, tighten, smooth, brighten and even the coloration. Decades of clinical research published in peer reviewed medical journals proves that retinoids, hydroxy acids & anti-oxidants combine to deliver all of the anti-aging criteria better than any other ingredients.

I learned of your excellent product “Impress Facial Pads” on TV. I am 63 and I see a noticeable difference in my skin, it is much tighter and smoother. Amazing, I am sold on your product after just a few months. I told my friend about your product and she is now using it also. Becky C. Henderson, NV.

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Once we identified the three critical components proven for superior anti-aging results, we had to make the application process effortless and affordable.  We decided to place our proprietary formulations on separately sealed disposable pads (mitts).  We then stacked the three mitts in one box. The pads are stacked in the order they are applied. No thought. Just apply the top pad from the box each day. Only one of three pad formulas is applied each day, eliminating multiple application steps. A single box contains a one month supply. Pads are individually sealed for easy travel. No liquids to carry through airport security! No product in the market provides all necessary anti-aging formulas in one convenient package. We provide all three in one box on three separately sealed disposable pads that fit easily over your fingertips for effortless application. Three unique formulas, one pad per day, it’s genius!