Create A Foundation


Utilize your I – Tools

The I – Center

The I – Center is your industry leading online back office that will help you manage every aspect of your Impress Direct™ Business. Your back office will allow you to track your bonuses, monitor your customers, display your downline business partners and provide you exposure to Impress Direct’s™ I – Market brochures and marketing materials. There is no reason to create your own personal flyers or brochures when Impress Direct™ has already provided them for your use.

I – Sites

business-cards-2Brand Yourself! Your Impress Direct™ personalized website (I – Site) is your most POWERFUL business building tool. Your website is the window or billboard into your Impress Direct™ Business. Your website address should be visible everywhere in your personal communications. Email, business cards, marketing materials and social media. This is fundamental in marketing both Impress® Products as well as the Impress Direct™ Opportunity. Product & Opportunity Brochures Impress Direct™ provides cutting edge brochures that will represent you in the most professional way. These are designed to educate potential consultants as well as customers about the benefits of Impress® Products and the Impress Direct™ Business Opportunity. Quality brochures are available to you in the I – Store.


Brand Yourself! Business Cards

Impress Direct™ provides you with Impress Direct™ Branded business cards for your use. Like your I – Site, business cards allow you to present the most professional image to your clients and potential business partners. Along with your name and contact information, these cards are designed to insert your I – Site personal web address so clients can find you easily.